For unit contact information, consult your directory or call the Shrine office at 719-544-0658

Al Kaly Flivvers - Al Kaly Shriners


Meet: As Called

Official visit - July 22nd (with Little T's)

Auto must be pre-1979 (25 years old) or specialty cars - street worthy.

The unit was organized in March of 1968. To become a member at that time one must have been a member in good standing of Al Kaly Temple. Own an automobile made in 1931 or before, or own a special interest car. Both initiation and annual dues were established at $5.00. Dues were increased to $15.00 in 1984.

At the Apple Blossom Parade in Canon City in 1968, the Illustrious Potentate rode with the Flivvers in a 1908 Buick. The Flivvers were responsible for hauling the Illustrious Potentate and his Divan for many years after 1968 at official functions.

Today, one must be a member of Al Kaly in good standing and possess an automobile of at least 25 years of age.  He will be considered for membership if ownership is a special interest vehicle. Dues are now $20.00. The Flivvers are still available for the Potentate and the Divan and have performed this function on many occasions. Also, anyone desiring to ride in a parade rather than walking only has to ask a Flivver driver for a ride.

Meetings are at the call of the President and must not conflict with designated activities of Al Kaly Shrine.