For unit contact information, consult your directory or call the Shrine office at 719-544-0658

Elite Scooters - Al Kaly Shriners

  • Regular membership is open to any noble with a 50cc or higher street legal motor scooter.
  • The scooter must have current license plates and meet State insurance requirements.
  • Associate membership is available to nobles without a scooter.
  • Our parade uniform is a white shirt with epaulets, red ascot, and cummerbund and black pants.
  • The dress uniform is a dark suit, white shirt with red neck tie.
  • Meeting places are usually at restaurants in the Colorado Springs and Pueblo area.
  • Call the President or Secretary/Treasurer for details of time and place.


Cost: Dues $20.00 annually

Time Commitment: Monthly Meetings and Parades


Elite Action Shots