For unit contact information, consult your directory or call the Shrine office at 719-544-0658

Al Kaly Band - Al Kaly Shriners

Meetings - 4th Sunday in January, April, July and October

Al Kaly Band – So, you're a musician and it's been a long time since you picked up that old “Licorice Stick”, well, these guys are waiting for you to speak up. This is our oldest uniformed Shrine unit. In the past several years the band has shown great growth and of course with that, additional activity. They hold a rehearsal the 4th Sunday of non-parade months and perform at Parades, Ceremonials and any other function requested for or approved by the Potentate. They allow non-band members to perform with them at unofficial functions, as Friends and Associate Members.

There are also two subunits: the German Ensemble, which plays original German music at Octoberfests and other private parties, and the Dixielanders, which entertains at programs which plays Dixieland style from the heart. Both perform at occasional gigs and can be booked for specific events. To book the German Ensemble, you may contact Norm Churchill at For the Dixielanders, contact Elmo Gardner at

And again, for anyone interested in joining in on the musical fun, contact any band member, friend or associate or phone Larry Weed at (719) 310-2298 (or via mail at Come Join The Fun!

Al Kaly Band at the Monument Parade
Al Kaly Band