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Shriner Kid Megan

Hi Sir Bart!!!'s it going there.  Hope it is warmer there than here!!!  We are still REALLY cold!!!  I am ready for that St. Louis summer weather...of course, I will change my mind after a few days of that humidity!!!!

I wanted to send you an email with my book cover and back page attached.  It is finished and they are shipping it to me right now!!!!  I should have it in about 1 week or so.  I am sooo excited.

The price is $12.50 plus S&H.  I tried to keep it very reasonable.  I am planning to donate money to the hospitals and other Shriner causes...if I make any money, that is!!

Would you please let all my Al Kaly "family" know about the book and see if they want one.  I would really appreciate that. I still miss all of you just as much as I did the day I left!!!!

Please tell Rosemary "HI" for me.  And, thanks for passing the word about my book.

Your "1" Fan


Shriner Kid


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