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Another Letter from Megan

I am Megan Johnson. I played the piano at your National Convention. "WHAT AN HONOR" that was for me.
Anyway, the reason I am writing is that I want to give back to you. I have been busy raising money to help some of the Shrine causes and Shriners from Al Kaly have been so nice to write to me, order bracelets and have just been
like friends to me. They have made me feel so special. I'm not sure if people know just how very much having you all as friends means to me. It means a LOT!!!! 
SO...I have a check for $100 I would like to give to you. Maybe your transportation fund or whatever area you might need it in. I hope this amount will help you help other kids. I was invited me down to Portland Oregon last night and I got to hear their Oriental Band. I had never heard one before and it was an awesome time. I also got to visit the Potentate and
other Shriners. I also gave them $100 to help with one of their needs.
This is just my little way of saying...I love Shriners....I am thrilled to be part of the Shriner family and I want to help.
I will continue my work with the homeless, drug babies, helping women & kids affected by domestic violence, but I have put helping Shriners also on my list!!!!
Thank you all for taking the time to write me and to be my friends.
Megan Johnson, a Proud Shriner Kid!!!!