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A Letter from Megan

I am Megan, do you remember me?  I played the piano for your convention in Florida.  I just wanted to thank you for signing my book and to tell you how much I enjoyed the convention.  You have NO idea how much it meant to me.  The best part (besides getting the Ipod) was meeting and talking to all of you.  I loved that!!!!
I hope I will always make the Shriners proud.  I am going to work hard to tell others about your wonderful organization and all that you do for kids like me.  I can certainly tell them this first hand!!!!  I work hard for things I am passionate about. 
I hope you will visit my website it tells a little about what I am doing.  It needs to be updated and I can't wait to get the photo from your convention on it.
It is:
I really hope you will tell everyone at your Shrine a big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!  I can never explain how much you all mean to me.  It was a huge honor to be there with all of you.  It was soooo sad for me when I had to leave.  I felt like I had made a "BUNCH" of new friends and that is so very important to me.
I made a special place in my room for all the memories I brought back with me. 
I hope I get to see you again.  Please tell everyone I said "HI".
Thank you SOOOOO much for everything.
Megan Johnson